Sports facility “Obere Au”, Chur

The sports facility “Obere Au” Chur was opened in 1974. The technical facilities have become outdated and no longer corresponded to the current state of the art in terms of energy consumption. After all ventilation systems had been renewed in 2005, the renovation in 2007/2008 focused on the heating and cooling systems as well as the pool water systems.

The difficulty of this renovation was to combine the cooling demand, waste heat recovery and heat generation of the new systems, the integration into the existing plant as well as the maintenance of a partial operation during the renovation work.

Because there has been a lack of open water areas for years, the city decided to roof the 50-m outdoor swimming pool with an air dome during the winter months.

Despite this expansion of services, the energy consumption of the sports facility could be significantly lowered by the renovation.

In 2010, the outdoor paddling pool was completely renovated and enlarged according to the needs. In addition, the toilet facilities as well as the summer cloakrooms and the outdoor barbecue area were renovated or enlarged.

In 2014/2015, the filter technology of the outdoor pool was completely renovated. The old filter system was renewed with new vacuum filters in the existing summer cloakroom building.


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CH-7000 Chur


Realisation in stages 2005-2015

Nature of the building project

New building and renovation

Type of building

Thermal bath

Our services

  • Technical planning for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and stainless steel basin
  • Construction management for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and stainless steel basin
  • Overall management and coordination





Pool water systems

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