Gartenhof Littau, Luzern

In the village center of Littau, 138 rental apartments as well as commercial and office space in various sizes were built. The project meets the requirements of the 2000-watt society and makes an important contribution to sustainable building and living. A High-performance thermal insulation, a sustainable power supply through photovoltaic systems and energy-efficient building technology stand for the environmentally friendly construction of the project.


Helvetia Versicherung
CH-4052 Basel


Schärli Architekten AG
CH-6000 Luzern

General management

P-4 AG
CH-6300 Zug


Realisation 2018-2021

Nature of the building project

New building

Type of building

Residential and commercial construction

Our services

  • Technical planning of the trades
  • Technical coordination of H/L/S/SP/E
  • Technical site management for H/L/S/SP



Air conditioning


Extinguishing systems (sprinklers)