Park resort Rheinfelden “sole uno”, Rheinfelden

The spacious sauna landscape with sauna garden forms the basis for the generous wellness offer. For the first time in Switzerland, a oriental Hararet, which is equivalent to a steam bath, has been opened. Bathers are massaged on a hot stone according to oriental tradition.

The first of four expansion stages was realised in 1998/99 with the “sole uno” in the Rheinfelden spa centre. The outdoor pool has a water surface of 250 m2 and is the first stainless steel outdoor pool for brine water in Switzerland.

Ten years later the indoor pool is renovated. After a construction period of nine months, the last major construction work in “sole uno” is now complete.

In the centre of the new indoor pool is the modern brine swimming pool and an integrated, slightly raised large brine bubble pool in brine-resistant stainless steel with a total water surface of 288 m2. Numerous bubble lounges and seats, effect whirlpools and massage jets invite you to relax. There is also plenty of space for swimming, water gymnastics and water therapy. Visually, a wave-like suspended wooden ceiling, sloping walls in strong colours and impressive underwater lighting effects embellish the interior. This has created a generous bathing and wellness interior landscape. Additional lying areas with a view of the park and a juice bar complete the new offer.

The Kannewischer Ingenieurbüro AG has accompanied the Facility since the beginning and is looking forward to future successful Cooperation.


Bad Rheinfelden AG
CH-4310 Rheinfelden


R. Oberli
CH-4052 Basel


Realisation new building 1998 -1999

Realisation renovation 2010

Nature of the building project

New building 1998-1999

Renovation 2010

Type of building

Swimming pool


Our services

  • Technical planning for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and stainless steel basins
  • Coordination for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and stainless steel basins
  • Construction coordination





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