Theatre Casino, Zug

The Theater Casino Zug is the cultural centre of the town and the region of Zug. The historical part was built in 1909. The restaurant and kitchen are located in this part. The kitchen of the restaurant also supplies various delicacies for most of the events which take place in the Theater Casino Zug and has to serve up to 1’000 guests at a time at peak times.

In order to be able to meet today’s requirements in the gastronomy sector, the existing kitchen was brought up to the latest technical standards. At the same time the existing restaurant was dusted off and a contemporary lounge with bar was installed. With this new composition, the entire gastronomy area could be given new life.

After the intensive reconstruction phase, the restaurant with bar and lounge now shines in new splendour again and is highly appreciated by those interested in culture as well as by other daily guests.


Stadt Zug
CH-6300 Zug


Edelmann Krell Architekten
CH-8003 Zürich


Renovation kitchen 2010

Renovation historic hall 2016-2017

Nature of the building projekt


Type of building

building of culture

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