Fountain Bundesplatz, Bern

The Bundesplatz has existed since the 16th century. It is the prelude to the Swiss Parliament. It was redesigned in 2004, becoming and architectural monument with natural stone slabs, a strip of light at night and fountains. The square is surrounded by the Federal Parliament building, the National Bank and the Cantonal Bank of Berne. In other words, not only the centre of a city, but also the core businesses of Switzerland. The main attraction is the water feature with its 26 fountains, which jump up symbolically for the 26 cantons of Switzerland.

After 13 years of operation this water feature had to be renovated. First, the fresh water supply was renovated and the meanwhile leaking drainage channels were renewed. Kannewischer Bern AG was in charge of the overall construction management. During an initial condition analysis, the deficiencies were first identified. In a further step, the entire technical data, including energy and power requirements, were reassessed and adapted to current standards. The subsequent construction work was supervised, controlled and executed on schedule by us. We were also there to support the commissioning and have eliminated any defects.


Tiefbauamt der Stadt Bern
CH-3001 Bern


Realisation 2018-2019

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Our services

  • Technical planning for sanitary
  • Construction management for sanitary and fire protection
  • Overall construction management



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