Fitness Park Allmend, Luzern

After a construction period of only eight months, the Allmend Fitness Park in Lucerne was opened at the beginning of August 2012. It is another Migros facility which combines health, fun and wellness in an ideal way.

The extensive wellness and fitness facilities are located on the 5th floor of the Allmend sports building and include a large fitness arena, two saunas – one mixed and one specially for women only – a Kneipp garden in the inner courtyard, a large salt lounge, a medical centre and of course cloakrooms, showers and other rooms for reception, administration and consultations. The associated technical equipment is located one floor below.

The already constructed building has a special static concept, which had to be taken into account when the fitness park was built. It was a particular challenge for all those involved to plan and install the necessary technical equipment under the given conditions.


Genossenschaft Migros Luzern
CH-6031 Ebikon


Sulzer + Buzzi AG
CH-6312 Steinhausen-Zug


Realisation 2010-2012

Nature of the building project


Type of building

Swimming pool, Fitness

Our services

  • Technical planning for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and kneipp basin





Pool water systems