Outdoor pool, Uetendorf

The Uetendorf outdoor pool opened its doors for the first time in spring 1973. After 38 years, the municipality of Uetendorf decided to renovate it.

In February 2011, the Sovereign cleared the way for a comprehensive renewal and moderate expansion of the facility for CHF 6.575 million. Construction work began in August 2011 and in May 2012 the municipality of Uetendorf was able to put its new swimming pool back into operation.

The Riedern outdoor pool was completely renovated and brought up to the latest state of technology within the given budget. The renovation essentially comprised the following points:

  • The entrance area was completely redesigned and equipped with a modern cash register system.
  • All sanitary facilities were renovated and made handicapped accessible.
  • The restaurant was enlarged and modernized. It has a new kitchen and an extended terrace area, which can be partially closed with sliding glass doors and be used as a winter garden.
  • The environment has been made more open. The pools are freely accessible and wooden decks create further lying possibilities along the pools.
  • All basins were made of stainless steel.
  • There is now an attractive slide facility for children and a brand new paddling pool for the toddlers. The playground has also been adapted to today’s standards.
  • The entire pool water systems were completely renewed. The pool water circulation is coupled with the counting system of the cash register system. This enables a visitor- and operation-dependent control.


Einwohnergemeinde Uetendorf
CH-3661 Uetendorf


Brügger Architekten AG
CH-3601 Thun


Realisation 2011-2012

Nature of the building project


Type of building

Outdoor pool

Our services

  • General planning/ overall management
  • Technical planning for heating, ventilation, sanitary, pool water systems and stainless steel basin





Pool water systems

Stainless steel basin